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TinEye - Search the Web by Image the Same Way You Search Google by Text




Reverse Image Search

Imagine you have a thumbnail of a very nice image. This thumbnail is small and probably quite low on quality. It's named something like x87z87bsxz9.jpg and you have totally no idea how to even start looking for the original image. Until recently, the best option would be going to a big populated forum and creating a topic with the thumbnail asking if anyone has seen the original image.

There now is a better ultimate solution. Meet the Reverse Image Search, performed by the TinEye.

In simple words, it does with the images, what Google does with text. You simply upload an image and it checks up the Web for all similar images. Any resolution, any size. It will even find files which are parts of your image and, marvellously, all files which have your image as a part of them.

Amazing as it sounds, it will even find you derived images which have been ‘photo-shopped’!

As of 19 August 2010, TinEye claims that it has indexed 1.6471 billion images. Such a number drastically increases chances that your image will be in the database.

Here is an example of how it works.

source image

We take this image, which is JPEG, 100x92, 26.8 KB and feed it to TinEye to search by it.

It gets us 442 results. Amongst them is what we can call an original image, which is 1433x1310. Well, that is just perfect. Right what I wanted. As an additional bonus, it also found a few hundred variations on this topic which may or may not be useful:

result image result image result image result image

As you can clearly see, analytics and logic of TinEye is extremely powerful. I was amazed to see how it managed to find images which were very different to the original image I have supplied.

Here is an official TinEye video which you can also find on their website.

image search

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