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Professional Website Development
Corporate Website, Business Card Website
Website Design and Development

To develop a website means to forge the corporate image in the contemporary world. Website design is the corporate face which greets the new coming potential customers, partners, agents etc.

We fully comply with the international website development standards:

  • Utmost user friendly interface
  • Unique graphical appearance
  • The target audience is considered while in development
  • We are working very closely with our clients to make sure the end result is exactly what they want
  • We can deliver the work in increments so you can get some results very early and be able to express your opinion right away

Remember – web design is the corporate style which serves recognizability of the brand.

So, you want an exclusive modern web design and professional development? You came to the right place!

We offer graphic website design as well as actual development of websites of any difficulty or even custom webpages.

Ever heard: 'that is too complicated', 'technically impossible' or 'no, you can't have that'? Well, here is the truth: almost any design idea or feature is possible to implement and that is exactly what we offer.

You can either instruct us what kind of an end-product you are looking for and we try our best not to distract you from your business during the development, or you can take active role in the development process and see for yourself how your website grows and matures.

On the other hand, if you do not need a complete website, we can amend your current one and fix things you don’t like or want to change.

We design the website right to your specification and bend the technology to your will. For every project we can present a few options for you to choose from – so we will create the image which you desire.

Cost of works depends on your wishes and amount of development required.

To get a free estimate, please contact us. We will be eager to assist you.

Please check out our works in our website portfolio above.


MIAMO is a Russian online shop which allows the visitors building their own customised jewellery.

The website features:

  1. Basket

    Products from the catalogue or the customised jewellery are placed in the order basket.

  2. Custom Jewellery Builder

    This is a tailored builder powered by JavaScript.

    It allows the customer to pick a base (e.g. a chain) and then place various beads of their choosing in any order onto this base.

  3. Product Catalogue

    A catalogue of products where customers may pick individual items and place them in the basket.

  4. Content Management System

    Website administrators are able to manage ads, special offers and other static content pages as well as manage the shop via the custom CMS.


RUSSIANSinUK is a community website specialising in events promotion and advertising.

The most emphasized feature of the website is events management via database storage.

Other features include:

  1. Database

    Database of past, present and future events, promoted by the website.

    Various parts of the website draw content from this database and process it accordingly.

  2. Arrow Slideshow

    A fancy slideshow for the most prominent events.

  3. Events Calendar

    Calendar showing the events from the database with mouse overlay messages in compact form and pop-up windows in full mode.

  4. Customer Feedback

    Visitor feedback and suggestion forms accessible via a specialised dynamic form which changes by picking a form in a drop-down menu.

    Apart from sending in feedback, customers can add images to the gallery for approval.

  5. Gallery

    Gallery is sorted into albums, easily scrollable through different pages.

    It is possible to comment images in the gallery for those users who are logged in.

    Website administrators can hide images displayed to the public or delete unwanted comments.

  6. Menu

    Fully customizable menu which allows different behavior on mouse click.

  7. Multilingual

    The website is available in two languages and you don't lose the page you currently are looking at when you change the language.

  8. Business catalogue

    Entries are sorted into Subcategories and Categories. Each entry can have an image associated with it.

  9. Link between website and forum

    Website is linked to phpbb forum which is installed on the same site and uses its accounts and logins to maintain unity between the website and the forum spaces available to the user depending on them being logged in or not.

  10. Flexible Admin Content Management System

    Having admin access it is possible to adjust various settings on the website, add or remove content such as:

    • Set up events to be promoted in the Arrow Slideshow
    • Add, remove or update events in the database
    • Edit menu
    • Manage gallery and business catalogue
    • Manage adverts and website partners (different kind of banners)

Phone List (in development)

PhoneList is your virtual web phone book where you can store info about the people you know.

It will also send you a reminder email of someone's birthday.

PhoneList will never ask for your own personal information.


EasyDesigns is a website for artists. Every user can create their portfolio and gallery and upload images.

The website also features a social network allowing users of the website to communicate and share their ideas about art posted on the website.

  1. Portfolios

    Users can create their portfolio and gallery, upload images, manage albums etc.

    The portfolio is completely customisable and does not look like EasyDesigns main website, therefore each artist can create a portfolio which is uniquely styled to themselves and bear no link to the hosting website.

  2. Ratings

    Users can rate artwork and each other.


    All published artwork can be commented by registered users.

  4. Content Management System

    Website administrators are able to manage ads, special offers and other static content pages as well as manage the shop via the custom CMS.

Cheeky Monkey Models

Cheeky Monkey Models is a child model agency.

The website serves as a platform for parents to register their children as models; Cheeky Monkey Models manage such applications and organise the models; and for the clients to browse the catalog of models and contact the agency about the particular models.

Apart from the usual functionality the website features:

  1. User Registration

    We believe it is important to make sure that customers use real email addresses hence we design user registration with email verification.

  2. Model Search

    Allows staff and clients to search through the whole model catalog by a wide number of criteria, saving the criteria in the search URL, so it can be retrieved easily later.

  3. Custom Articles

    Staff can use advanced text editor to create pages with custom text, layout and graphics.

  4. Sorting and Filtering

    Lists containing high numbers of items can be difficult to manage in a web interface. We design such lists to be sortable by the column headers in both directions and filter out entries by values of most significant fields.

  5. Newsletters

    Staff can send an email to a set of clients or parents.

  6. eCards

    Each model's information is summarised in an eCard which is an image featuring the key descriptions of the model and their photos. These eCards may also be wrapped in a landscape PDF which can be readily printed.

    When using the system to email a list of models to a client, the staff can opt to attach these eCards as files to the emails.